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From traveling across the world and living in various countries and American states, Will has had the fortunate opportunity to try some of the best food from all over. With these culinary ventures he was able to experience, it allowed him the chance to forge his own cuisine for his tastes, those of his friends, and also customers and clients alike.

Since the age of 15, he has been involved in the culinary field. Whether it was a fast food restaurant or mom and pop shop, to a national chain or high end restaurant, he was able to gain insight and knowledge from each location, which in turn helped formulate his desired palette. Through his trips to New Orleans for business and relaxation, as well as the family lineage of having cultural and ethnic roots spanning several regions and backgrounds, the tastes of Cajun culture called his name. From the spices and complex flavors, to the unique ingredients that compose each dish, his passion for food and that of generations past helped create the menu that you have at your fingertips today.

After several years of running businesses in the fighting realm and health/fitness world, he opted to hang up the gloves and pick up the forks and knives once again. That decision has helped propel Will into many different areas of the food world. From appearing as a Top 40 contestant on MasterChef and landing a Resident Chef gig at Williams-Sonoma, to being featured in local media, running cookery courses for charities and hosting large events, the decision to refocus his passion back into cooking, was the best choice he’s ever made.
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